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Jumat, 28 September 2007

D'Cinnamons-Bona bio

Bona bio ;

My music background started when I was a little boy. I joined a choir group when I was in kindergarten. And then, when I was 4th grade primary school, I once again join a choir group for Christmas Caroling at Sheraton Inn Bandung. At junior highschool, I joined a marching band called Top D&BC (Top Drum & Bugle Corps) as a trumpet player. Then I stopped my activity at the marching band when I was 2nd grade in senior highschool.

I start playing guitar when I was 3rd grade of junior highschool.

Honestly, it was my sister who made me playing the guitar. I'm "obsessed" with my guitar because my sister can play the intro of Come As You Are (Nirvana). From that on, I start to playing guitar, and my 1st song to learn is When I Come Around by Green Day. After that, I start a band with my friends named D'Quarto Plus Band. I was a drummer for D'Quarto Plus. For a few years, I played drum and trumpet. Then I joined Lampoe Neon Band and played as a trumpetist, with my friend Dodo. We played a song of SaveFerris, Reel Big Fish, Etc. Then Lampoe Neon changed, and I play guitar. With new formation, we played Save Ferris, Cokelat, The Cranberries, etc. After we graduate, me and Dodo and a few friends decided to make an acoustic band, simplicity in concept. Then Hendy, our former vocalist named the band "Irish Coffee". We played top 40s song acoustically. Then Irish Coffee changed to D'Cinnamons, still playing acoustic, with new formation: Dodo, Bona, Laut.

My Inspiration and my influence mostly from foreign artist. Such as John Mayer, Jack Johnson, King of Convenience, Al Di Meola, Carlos Santana, Etc.

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