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Jumat, 28 September 2007

D'Cinnamons-Dodo bio

Dodo bio ;

“If you had a dream, just stick to it. & it’ll come true, if you don’t ever give up. Don’t let anybody ever tell you, that you can’t do that dream.” This phrase said by Mike Portnoy, Dream Theater’s drummer. I know it’s sounds so cliche, and maybe to early. But that’s what I’ll keep forever in my mind. D’Cinnamons is my first recording band.I met Bona at Aloysius junior high school. The first time I met him, I know that he’s the one. Haha. The one who can understand n support my vision in makin music.The one who wanna grow with me.

2 years swimming cafe-2-cafe makes me bored. I wanna learn to make my own song, I said. This first album is really my first songs, so I believe I have to learn much more to make better n better pieces.

I was born in 1983, at 16 March. My father is a doctor, my mother is an apothecary, so I was born in the world of medicine “department”. But they are really support me though. Thankyou Dad,Mom, for everything, everything, and everything. I know it’s hard to understand n match two different world perfectly, but you always love me, support, care of me, n protect me. I love, n keep my father doctrine of hardworking. He said it’s better to start something big from zero. Don’t let anybody let you down. I love you, Dad.

My favourite musician is Goo Goo Dolls, I love John style in his acoustic guitar. Dave Matthews Band, Dave’s vocal is so click with my ear. They are number one for me, vocally, and musically. Alanis Morisette have an electrical lyrics, her point of view amaze me, number one lyrics for me, number two is John Mayer.

I hear every music, I believe music is never ending journey. I’m an ordinary human, I need to learn and learn from every talented artist in this holy God universe, for introspect and develop myself.

Here’s another side of my life... it’s Pet. I love turtle, tortoise. They’re very cute. I love to keep them, cos their longlife, and they have “survival mode” when i forgot to feed them in a week... hoho... and of course cos someday I can give them to my son, and grandson. I think it’s really cool to receive a living creature heritage from my grandmother.hoho. There’s no favourite colour for me, cos every colour have their own expression. Well, that’s all from me, thanks guys!



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